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Leaderville offers a developmentally appropriate program for children ages 1 -5, introducing English at the age of three. The preschool years are crucial in a person's life. It is our goal to create a nurturing environment, a place where our youngest students can grow, learn and develop.



Play is essential in child's life. Through it children discover and explore their world. They practice problem solving and social skills as they develop emotional intelligence. They increase their vocabulary, create, imagine and express their feelings in a safe way. They also develop their motor skills which are important for future tasks.

Learning Centers

Each classroom is organized in centers where children learn new concepts and practice new skills through play and structured activities. Learning centers offer children the opportunity to explore and to be independent; they are responsible of choosing and completing a specific activity. They also develop social skills by collaborating and working with others.


Project Based Learning

Children get involved in the investigation of a topic in the classroom and at home using their creative abilities as they collaborate with each other and solve challenges throughout their project. This approach involves children in asking questions and making decisions. Project topics draw children's attention to questions such as: How do things work? and What do people do? When they finish a project, they share what they have learned in different ways using art, role-playing, music, graphing and more.

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