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Our elementary program can be described as appropriate, innovative and challenging. It provides students with the environment, strategies and resources they need to excel academically, emotionally and socially in today’s world. We inspire students to achieve more.

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Our curriculum integrates math, language arts, social studies, science and the arts in meaningful ways, but also uses specific certified programs for each subject to assure that each student reaches the learning outcomes established for each grade. Our curriculum also integrates our Dominican National Plan of studies. 

Technology is integrated in all classes as a resource of communication, research and as an effective learning tool. Throughout the learning process, students are also encouraged to respect and care for our environment.

Project Based Learning

Our elementary implements a project-based approach developing 21st century skills. Students investigate different topics while taking initiative and responsibility to solve real problems and manage themselves effectively. They use their knowledge and abilities as they collaborate with each other. This approach involves students in meaningful work. 

Curriculum topics draw students' attention to open-ended questions and decision-making. Parents, teachers and members of the community participate and contribute to the learning process.

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Leaderville offers elementary students elective courses to complement the core subjects. These classes expose them to new knowledge and give them the opportunity to learn content and develop skills related to interesting real life topics. These courses also allow them to identify their interests and become independent citizens who can take risks and make decisions.

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